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Dee & Raph

Our Vision

Redefining horizons and success for all

Our Mission

To passionately inspire businesses and individuals to become the masters of the art and science of sustainable extra-ordinary success. Our high ambition for a healthier and happier humanity drives our dedication in unlocking and unleashing their full potential through innovative, leading-edge and practical solutions to personal and business development. We provide critical and proven models, knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to propel growth for both individuals and businesses. We execute this mission through two fundamental and most critical progressive drivers of our time; Entrepreneurship and Mind Re-engineering.

We avidly identify with Shelly Porges and Charles Haanel’s schools of thoughts that:-
Entrepreneurship is the future of global economy”-K. Shelly Porges; Head, Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP), U.S. State Department.
The world within is governed by mind. When we discover this world, we shall find the solution for every problem, the cause for every effect; and, since the world within is subject to our control, all laws of power and possession are also within our control” - Charles F. Haanel (1912), The father of the Philosophy of Success, The author of  “ The Master Key System.”




With all the world focus now turning to entrepreneurship development and opportunities in Africa, it’s a prime time all the relevant stakeholders give entrepreneurship the rightful attention. There is a revolution today in the world of business not only in changing the way we do business, but also in changing who goes into business, how they do it, and the likelihood of their survival. Old rules cannot work in the new game of entrepreneurship in the 21st Century. Dee&Raph Solutions is the next paradigm shattering organization in redefining the way SMEs do business using very practical approaches. We help you chat the new roadmap you’ve been seeking, but never knew you were missing until now. Our business is to free business owners from the prison of their own making. We show you how to identify your business true north, tap into your true business sense of purpose and live it through enlightened entrepreneurship.

Mind Re-engineering

 mind engeneering

Success is your birth right. However, it has been elusive to majority yet it leaves tracks for everyone interested to follow. Majority of people lost their success ability along the way due to the many years of wrong mental conditioning attributed to our limiting environments. How can you regain that birth  right? In Dee&Raph Solutions, we dedicate to teach, coach and walk with you into a new exciting reality of life as we help you understand and apply the laws of success, workings of the mind and changing the paradigms to improve your lives in a phenomenal way. Through tapping into the infinite power of the mind, you experience more joy, liberation, and achieve more fulfilment right now, and every moment that passes. We share with you the tools and techniques that have been hidden to majority of human kind. Indeed we help you redefine your horizons and we support you to reach there.

News & Events

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