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Hi, my name is Dorothy Gachugu and I am a Director and a Co-founder of Dee&Raph Solutions. Am an ordinary work-from-home-mom, who has shifted her paradigm from having underpaying and unfulfilling corporate jobs; sweating my blood out to make other people rich or realize their dreams... To building my own businesses and helping others do the same as I live my truest and highest life purpose.

As an entrepreneur by both training and practice, and having travelled a long journey of self-discovery and rescue, I gain tremendous fulfilment in helping conscious business owners, ordinary men and women, young and even old awaken and unleash their ‘Unfair Advantages’, the giant entrepreneurs in them to become all that they can become and lead extra-ordinary lives.

I have a background in Entrepreneurship and Business Management Consulting and I have consulted widely with social enterprises and SMEs in Kenya besides working as an associate Lecturer in the fields of Entrepreneurship and Business Studies. I am a PhD scholar in Entrepreneurship and currently exploring Business Model Re-engineering and Systemization. I hold a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship, a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration and a Diploma in Marketing Management.

Am a strong believer in the power of the mind and have invested a lot in research, understanding and mastering the art and science of using the power of the mind to realize extra-ordinary success of any nature. This is after traveling very a long, highly trying and lonely journey of self-discovery and rescue; my pursuit of a clear understanding of what life is truly about and my undying quest to uncover the secret to success and true happiness that so far, no school has ever taught me nor the society I live in. It’s my life’s purpose to put into the hands of the success-conscious and hungry men and women, as many tools, techniques, knowledge and skills as possible so that they too can transform their lives, live their highest selves and lead a more meaningful, happier, more fulfilling and extra-ordinary life.

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